AT HOP for buses will  go live on Urban Express services Sunday 23 June.

Urban Express is the first bus service to be incorporated into the final stage of the roll-out of the AT HOP card, one prepay smart card for trains, ferries and buses.  AT HOP was introduced on trains and ferries in late 2012. Auckland Transport’s Chief Operating Officer, Greg Edmonds says, “This final stage of the roll-out of AT HOP is significant due to its size and scale. Buses in Auckland carry 80% of public transport users”.

“From 23 June customers will have a single public transport card to use on trains, ferries and Urban Express bus services if they wish”. Mr Edmonds says, “As we roll AT HOP onto each bus operator’s service we need to emphasize it is very important for customers to check what is happening to their current ticket types.  Auckland Transport will keep customers up to date as we launch AT HOP onto each bus operator’s service.

For example, bus customers who have an existing Urban Express smart card or an electronic travel card for other buses may be entitled to a free AT HOP card. AT HOP cards are also available for $5 until the end of 2013, the full retail price is $10”.

Mr Edmonds says “It is important that Urban Express customers use up existing fare balances on their smart cards.  And if customers are thinking of loading up their current smart cards with pre-paid fares, they should think carefully whether they can use them up in time.  Customers may apply to Urban Express to request a refund for any unused smart card balances, but refunds will not be provided for any unused Monthly Passes, 10 ride fares or Green Bay 7 Day Passes”.

Using an AT HOP card provides at least 10% discount on single trip cash fares (excludes NiteRider bus service) and free travel on City LINK buses. To get the best from your AT HOP card, register your card on-line.  This will allow you to top up online, and to set up an Auto Top-Up at

The AT HOP card can also be topped up at Auckland Transport Ticket & Top Up machines or in person at Britomart, New Lynn and Newmarket ticket offices or at AT Customer Service Centres.  Customers can also top up at Fullers Tickets Offices at Downtown Ferry Terminal, Devonport Ferry Terminal and Waiheke Ferry Terminal.

Registering an AT HOP card also helps to protect your card from unauthorised use should it be lost or stolen.  Terms of use and the registered prospectus for the AT HOP cards and other information regarding the AT HOP cards are available on or at the Auckland Transport Customer Service Centre, Britomart.  The obligations of Auckland Transport under the AT HOP cards are unsecured.