NRI’s let’s Start Residing Overseas Journey With Peace

NRI’s are the most on target of organised Mafias in India to grab their properties. I am also NRI, I can understand yours and also share my pain with you, so that we can unite and make a voice to Indian Govt. to protect our properties in India. The root cause I personally understand this happening is due to our Revenue Department proves not capable of handling the properties titles database, consequently which encourage to property disputes, bribery for Police and Revenue Department in India. Which put un-necessary pressure……. of work on Indian Courts? Lot of investment opportunities are lost, even people fight, die and spoil their life. Children of NRI’s are the most affected because they don’t have time to spent in India to solve ancestors property heritage issues with Revenue department officials, in some cases officials encourage delay to harass NRI’s and open up the doors for better negotiation to acquire NRI’s properties. It’s also heard that they sometime keep their be-nami shares in the properties. Due in-efficiencies of Revenue Departments, Indian Police also get the best advantage of this situation. Because concerned parties left with no option in the absence of transparent title protection system, to get involved Police, and in some cases by accepting bribery Police helps the person for possession who give in bribery auction the most. We have to follow following steps provided to NRI’s for fast track solutions. The first thing I will do is become the member of the NRI Sabha Then I register my problem with Sabha. I want to bring into your notice that this Sabha is represented by NRI’s and it’s formed for the interest of NRI’s. You can load the membership forms from their website. Which is gives you additional voting power rights and choose nominee in India to purse your case. The other good news for NRI’s is that Dy CM Sukhbir Singh Badal issued a notice on 5th October 2013 to Commissioner of Police and all the SSP’s to follow up all the pending cases of NRI’s on priority. Which is additional relief for us that present Punjab Govt. is taking initiative to watch our interest. I know what you might be thinking that, oh no it’s not possible in India, Indian Govt. Babus work with bribe only. But it’s always good to try and back up your compliant to Dy CM Sukhbir Singh Badal that bureaucrats are violating your orders. I think complaint will give us big help. I heard that we are around 70 lacs Punjabi living overseas. At the moment NRI Sabha is represented by minority of us. To make true voice of NRI’s become the member and choose the right office bearers in election.

I am planning to write regularly on NRI’s concerns, if you have any issues let me know. I can help you to raise voice & track to follow, if you feel helpless in India. My email address is [email protected] by Yugraj Mahil. Join us lets starts the safe journey to reside overseas. The author is former member of New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants and President of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Memorial Trust based in New Zealand.