Counties Manukau Police want to prevent you becoming a victim of burglary.

A leaflet containing prevention guidelines has been created by Police. The leaflet offers advice and provides simple steps that householders can take to make their property, including jewellery and money more secure and reduce the risk of it being stolen.

The following suggestions will assist the public in protecting their property.

  • Lock your doors and windows.
  • Record the serial numbers of Jewellery and expensive electronic items and photograph these and other valuables.
  • Keep valuables out of sight i.e. jewellery, cameras, electronic games.
  • Install an alarm system.
  • Get sensor lights fitted.
  • Keep garden sheds and garages locked when not in use – and make sure those ladders are tucked away.
  • Stop your mail and paper if you are going away or arrange for someone to collect it.
  • Keep the house secure when you are out in the garden or yard.
  • Use a chain on the door – don’t open the door to strangers, unless the chain is attached.
  • Note down registrations of any suspicious vehicles – often burglars will scope out a place beforehand.

Join or form a Neighbourhood Support Group. Your Community Constable will have details.

You should always take care when leaving empty boxes outside your home. They can visibly reveal to others, details of valuable items recently purchased, such as television, which could be an incentive for a burglar to break into your property.

Insurance cover

  • Make sure that your home contents are fully insured to the current value

SNAP (Serial Number Action Partnership)

SNAP aims to prevent burglary and property offending, and make it harder for criminals to sell stolen goods inNew Zealand.

Remember to register and store your serial numbers of valuable items online at The website allows you to enter and maintain details of all of your important possession of assets. You can then access this asset list from anywhere, anytime. If your items are stolen, you can instantly retrieve your asset list details, and forward these on to the Police and your insurance company. And it’s a FREE service!


If you receive any information about suspects for a burglary or any other crime that has previously been committed in your neighbourhood or elsewhere, and you are uncomfortable about approaching Police, you can anonymously report it to the Crime stoppers on 0800 555 111 or fill out a form at

You can help keep your street safe, reporting anything suspicious you see, can prevent crime and protect the community.