Better frontline health servicesfor Counties-Manukau

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, National List MP 

National List MP Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi has welcomed the release of the latest national health targets, which show Counties-Manukau DHB is continuing to make improvements and deliver more frontline services for our South Auckland community. “Counties-Manukau DHBhas been relentless in its efforts to reach our health targets, and is in some cases exceeding them” Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi said. This focus on the frontline is paying off and delivering real results. The nationwide target for elective……..

surgery was exceeded, with a total of 40,099 discharges in the year to date– 2,002 more than the target. Counties-Manukau DHB is meeting an impressive 110 per cent of its target for elective surgery.

More Counties-Manukauchildren are being protected against diseases like measles and whooping cough with the immunisation target now extended to eight-month-olds. Counties-Manukau DHBis on track to meet the target of having 85 per cent of eight-month-olds vaccinated by July 2013, recording an 82 per cent immunisation rate already. “All DHBs, including Counties-Manukau DHB, are ensuring every patient who needs radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment, receives it within the four week gold standard.This is the first time that chemotherapy wait times have been included in the target. Counties-Manukau DHB achieved the target to provide 95 per cent of hospitalised smokers with advice and help to quit, an improvement on last quarter’s result of 94 per cent.

 The National Health Targets are focusing health resources on results and helping to ensure that every health dollar is spent wisely. The positive outcomes at Counties-Manukau DHB show that our focus on delivering better, sooner, more convenient front-line health services is resulting in increasingly improved health care for patients and their families,”Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi said. Information about the national health targets is available on the Ministry of Health website: