Dutchman completes World’s longest journey in an electric car in Bluff

Dutchman Wiebe Wakker with Electric Car

Bluff, New Zealand, 19 July 2019 –  Dutchman Wiebe Wakker – who has driven an electric car 100,450 kilometres from Amsterdam to New Zealand, crossing through 34 countries – completed the world’s longest electric car journey as part of the ‘Plug Me In’ project, today in Bluff. Wakker has been on the road for 1,222 days.

Wakker’s original plan was to finish in Sydney, Australia. He reached Sydney on the 7th of April and after the arrival, a few New Zealanders who were enthusiastic about his journey invited him to come to the country and helped him with shipping the car across the Tasman Sea.

“I am excited to finally have reached Bluff today because after reaching Europe’s most northern point the North Cape, Bluff is New Zealand’s most southern point. Now I have crossed the globe from north to south in an electric car.” Wiebe says “I have mixed feelings about finishing my journey today, it took me 3 years to get here so I am relieved and proud I made it, but my journey is now finished which is sad, it has been a big part of my life.”

Wakker started the final leg of his journey in Auckland on the 5th of June and has driven across the North and South Islands. During his trip he engaged with sustainable initiatives and people involved in sustainable mobility. 

“Electric cars are a way to tackle climate change,” he said. “I wanted to change people’s opinions and inspire people to start driving electric by showing the advantages of sustainable mobility. If one man can drive to the other side of the world in an electric car, then they should definitely be viable for daily use.”

Wakker has been pioneering electric mobility the past years. He was the first person to cross Turkey, Iran, India, Myanmar, Malaysia and Indonesia in an EV. When he reached Sydney he became the first to travel to the other side of the world in an electric car. 

Wakker left Amsterdam on 15 March 2016, without any money but with a goal to prove the viability of electric cars. He asked people to support him by offering a meal, a place to sleep, or electricity to charge his car. Thousands signed up on his website and these offers determined the route of the journey, which criss-crossed through 34 countries.

“It has been an amazing adventure. People are congratulating me for showing the possibilities of electric vehicles but what I am most proud of is that I have created a platform to show the generosity of people around the world. Many people have helped me along the way and that is what I will always remember.”