Only ACT Serious About Stopping Crime

Auckland, 10 July ACT is the only party contesting the election with a tough stance on crime, says Party Leader David Seymour and candidates Bhupinder Singh and Shan Ng.

“Four instances of tobacco crime in the last week prove that law and order will be a major issue for voters in this year’s election,” says Mr Seymour.

These are just the robberies reported in the media. It’s a national crisis. Shopkeepers across the country feel vulnerable. Disproportionately, these crimes affect immigrants, who often choose shop-keeping as a way of supporting their families.

“ACT’s candidates Bhupinder Singh and Shan Ng, announced yesterday, have strong links with immigrant communities. They will send a clear message that only a Party Vote for ACT will make the government address crime.

“Some commentators have blamed shopkeepers selling tobacco for robberies,” says Mr Singh. “ACT says that’s a disgraceful attitude, we must not blame victims. People making an honest living selling a legal product deserve to feel safe at work.”

“Only ACT has a strong record on crime,” says Ms Ng. “We will campaign on strong policies of Three Strikes for Violent Crime, Three Strikes for Burglary, Rewarding Self-Improvement in Prisons, and reversing the tobacco tax hikes that fuel robberies.