“Queer Pitch Of Pink Paint”

Auckland –

Two Police stations in Auckland City District and three ANZ ATM machines were damaged overnight by members of a protest group who claim they threw pink paint at the building entrances and the bank machines.

Police are investigating who’s responsible for the damage to the Avondale and Ponsonby Police stations, as well as to the ATMs in Avondale, Ponsonby and Mt Eden.

City Western Area Commander Inspector Jacqui Whittaker says it’s disappointing that a seemingly small group of ill-informed and intolerant activists are prepared to direct their prejudices at Police and the bank. “I’d certainly welcome the opportunity to discuss this group’s issues with them, in person and with no paint tins around. “Police generally and I personally are proud of the fact we embrace diversity when it comes to those communities we police and the people we work with.”

Anyone with information about who’s responsible for the ‘paint-bombing’ should contact Constable Andrew Spraggs at Avondale Police Station – [email protected] or ph 021 191 2897.