School Holidays Not A Time For Crime

Counties Manukau Police 

25 September  – With the September school holidays just around the corner, Counties Manukau Police is cracking down on shoplifting and thefts during the holidays. The number of shoplifting, theft and burglary complaints rise during school holidays, which isn’t fair on local residents and shopkeepers, says Counties Manukau Police Community Engagement Manager Inspector Warwick Morehu. “School holiday time shouldn’t mean kids get an opportunity to commit crime.  Police will be working with the community……. to prevent juvenile offending over the next two weeks and we encourage residents and shopkeepers not to stand for any criminal behavior in Counties Manukau during the school holidays.”

In the three weeks following the school holidays, Counties Manukau Police will put an emphasis on truancy ensuring all students in the District are back in school during term time. Inspector Morehu says Police will not tolerate truants and students will be sent back to school when possible. “Our children should be in school, and after the holidays that is exactly where we want them to be.  Truancy operations will be underway in all areas of Counties Manukau District following the school holidays and we will have more front line officers dedicated to working with students to get them back to school.  Kids who are in school are less likely to get involved in criminal activity.”  Counties Manukau Police has some tips for residents and parents during these school holidays.

Don’t let your belongings become a target for thieves

As always, lock up your house when you leave.  You should do this all year round and at any time of day – whether you’re out for just a few minutes, or going on holiday.  Don’t leave valuables like laptop computers and iPods in plain view through windows – many thieves are opportunistic and will only break in when there’s something of interest in sight.  Same goes in your car – make sure you take your valuables with you.


Bored kids get into trouble

If the kids aren’t at school, we don’t want them getting into trouble.  Don’t let your child get tempted at the local shopping centre.  Instead of encouraging them to spend their holidays at the mall, get them out playing sport, at a friend’s house or helping around the house.  With activities organised to fill the holiday, they won’t have the chance to get into trouble.

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility

Make sure you are careful when you’re behind the wheel.  Keep attentive to kids running about and remember that the little ones are harder to see, so make sure you check behind you when you’re reversing, especially in car parks and in your driveway.

Stay aware

Be vigilant with suspicious activity in your area.  If you see something that doesn’t look quite right, be sure to call the Police.

Issue byKimberleyMathews/Communications Manager

Counties Manukau Police

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