The financial vaccine for this pandemic “Mortgage Genius Plan” A smarter way to manage your loan – Introduced by Global Finance for the benefits of borrowers.

Considering the devastating financial impact COVID-19 has taken on economies around the world Global Finance has developed an amazing product set to change the way Kiwis manage their finances.
Since 1999, Global Finances philosophy is customers always come first and through this plan it is set to change the way people relate to their finances and to money in general.
The Mortgage Genius plan is carefully designed and developed on a unique basis whereby it highlights the need for everyday New Zealanders to take hold of their financial destinations and have access to a smarter way to manage their loans. Giving people access to a plan that has numerous benefits to the user means people can stay on top of their finances more easily and increase their financial knowledge at the same time.
With the Global Finance Mortgage Genius Plan, we put you in control of your mortgage repayments. When your personal plan is followed to the letter, you can expect to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on your home loan by reducing interest costs– and become debt free sooner.
“In this low interest rate environment, we wanted to highlight the many enduring benefits this product delivers; not just saving you interest”
“Not only does it save you interest it allows people to become financially stronger, give support to your family, give you financial peace of mind, and minimise financial worry whilst building equity and ultimately gives you the freedom to strengthen your financial security. The extraordinary results of our customers speak for themselves.
says founder and MD, Ajay Kumar
”The Mortgage Genius plan has massive long-term benefits that see our customers in a much better financial shape and that is why we are very excited to present this opportunity to all Kiwis and give them lifelong support in this very crucial aspect of their lives”
Through the Mortgage Genius Plan customers can build their cash reserves whether that is to further buy a business or create a family-oriented lifestyle it will mean reaching goals sooner than they had otherwise imagined. Making financial goals a reality.
Providing people with the same old loan structure doesn’t work for everyone. Everyone’s circumstances are different, your current situation can change from time to time, so they need a solution to paying of their loan that is suitable to them.
“Traditionally what we see is that what financial institutions generally do is they manufacture their product and they sell it to the customers. In our view, customers don’t like this way of doing business. They need the products and services to be tailor made according to their requirements because each customers requirements are different, and their circumstances are not the same. So, what Global Finance does is design each product whether it is mortgage or insurance according to the needs of the customer. We are basically a solution provider which always caters to the needs of the people. We try to have a long-term relationship so that changing needs can also be fulfilled.”
Global Finance has now been serving New Zealanders for the past 21 years with more to come. Their coverage now surpasses a massive $10 billion of mortgages and insurance covers for 6,000+ families since 1999. It is in this regard and the ability to adapt and change in line with customers ever changing wants and needs means Global Finance can remain competitive even in these challenging times. Doing things differently, a willingness to adapt and change, and putting high regard on customer needs means that the mantra of customer satisfaction holds true. Not only within Global Finance but within the community.
Over the last ten years Global Finance has won many awards from prestigious institutions including ANZ, ASB, AIA, EY, Westpac, Deloitte, PAA, and IBA
In 2019 Global Finance was a finalist in EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in September. Global Finance were also finalists in Excellence Strategy and Planning and Excellence in Marketing in the Westpac Awards held in November 2019. This serves to add to the array of other prestigious awards picked up from Deloittes fast 50 in 2016, the Supreme business award IBA 2019 and four others including Best Mortgage Adviser of the Year, Best Insurance Adviser of the Year, Best Large Business and Business Excellence in Customer Service.
“These awards and the many other industry ones we have
achieved, have made Global Finance one of the most awarded mortgage and Insurance advisers in New Zealand” says founder and MD, Ajay Kumar